Through the Aspens

Art Print by Robert Duncan
Through the Aspens Art Print
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Art Print22" x 13"
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Art Print (22" x 13")Through The Aspens
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(2 reviews) for Through The Aspens by Robert Duncan
Reviewed on:
in Battle Creek, NE
(5 stars) 
Through the Aspens
Customer Review: Through the Aspens captures a moment in a story. A husband and his wife traveling, perhaps to visit relatives. The colors of their horses, their clothing and even their faces draw contrast to the winter setting. It's easy to imaging being there.
Art Location: Living area.
Reviewed on:
in Santa Paula, CA
(5 stars) 
Through The Aspens
Customer Review: I am reminded of the harshness of the winter and how the cherokee were continually moving to aquire food and shelter and to escape the terrors done to their people . Their strength and resilance .
Art Location: Living room

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