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Our website has been designed to provide you with an efficient means for discovering and custom finishing your favorite artwork. When you arrive at our website you can immediately begin browsing our catalogue by category (e.g. Abstract, Art for Kids, Coastal & Tropical and Landscapes) or by product type (Canvas, Posters & Prints, Limited Editions or Framed Mirrors). Once you locate and click on your favorite artwork, a product detail page will appear where you can choose a preferred product type and size and begin custom framing your artwork. You can create your personal masterpiece without ever leaving this product detail page. When you are happy with your creation, you simply click the Add To Cart button and you will be redirected to our secure checkout process.

Art Prints and Posters
Art Prints are produced using off-set lithography whereby high-end printing presses are used to transfer fade-resistant inks onto high-quality printing paper. Each print features an original art image that has been digitally captured and extensively color-corrected to ensure the highest quality reproduction.

Our Posters are produced using large print runs and poster-quality paper stock to produce the most economical form of wall art. We also offer two unique formats; Giant Door Posters and Black Light Posters (glow in the dark posters). Our Poster laminating service (an economical alternative to framing) protects your poster from creases, fading, and moisture. We recommend purchasing our non-stick, easy to remove poster mounts for perfect hanging.

Giclee Printing
Our Giclee Prints and Canvas Giclee represent the very best in fine art printmaking. A Giclee (pronounced zhee-clay, a French term meaning “spray of ink”) is a collector quality, high-resolution reproduction. Each Giclee is individually printed using a very sophisticated ink-jet printer. Archival quality ink is precision-sprayed onto acid-free, artist grade fine art paper or canvas. The inks (six to twelve colors rather than four) mix on the surface to create true colors, as compared to the dots that the eye has to blend together when viewing a standard lithograph. These beautiful digital reproductions are virtually unparalleled in quality and range of color. When properly cared for, and displayed in acceptable lighting, each fade-resistant Giclee will retain its color and detail for more than 100 years.

Digital Prints
Digital Prints are produced using the superior Giclee Printing process described above. They represent a more economical option (as compared to our Giclee Prints) solely because they are produced using a lighter weight fine art paper (180-240 gsm vs. 260-300+ gsm).

Canvas Stretching
All Canvas Giclee is stretched on solid wood stretcher bars and is shipped ready-to-hang. Our contemporary “Museum Wrap” finish allows you to choose from one of seven neutral colors (ranging from white or antique white to black) to be printed as the canvas sides. Simply click on any one of the seven color chips to experiment and find the color that best suites your decor. “Gallery Wrap” is our premium finish that involves mirroring the art image onto the canvas sides. With this finish the art appears to extend around the canvas sides.

Framed Mirrors
When it comes to decorative mirrors, we've consistently heard a common complaint from designers and decorators - I have the perfect space for a wall mirror but I can't find the right size with my favorite frame. Well fret no longer! Our custom framed mirror application let's you design the exact mirror shape and size, and you can choose from our unrivaled selection of beautifully crafted mirror frames. You can choose standard or beveled glass, and all mirrors are protected with Category II Safety Backing to keep glass fragments together should the mirror be accidentally broken.

Custom Framing
We offer outstanding custom framing services for all artwork including Posters, Art Prints, Giclee Prints, Limited Editions and Canvas Giclee. Our expert custom framers only use high-quality mouldings and framing components. They produce archival quality art and they pack and ship your creation in super sturdy containers. Trust us, you’ll know quality art when you see it.

Once you select your favorite artwork, a product detail page will appear where you can choose a preferred product type and size and begin custom framing your artwork. Click the black “FRAMES” tab in the upper right portion of the page or the “Continue to Custom Framing” link to get started. With hundreds of frames and mats to choose from, you can truly create your personal masterpiece. You’ll also notice that for each image we provide one or more pre-framed recommendations. Referred to as Pre-Framed Favorites (icon located just below the image on the product detail page), our recommendations are simply designed to help you begin the custom framing process.

The mouldings we use to custom build our frames are purchased only from the finest manufacturers in the world. Whether you’re framing a canvas giclee with a traditional moulding bearing intricate patterns or framing a poster with a sleek, black contemporary moulding, you can be confident your frame will be the best in the business. With more than 200 mouldings to choose from, we help you narrow your search by classifying our frames according to Finish (e.g., black, gold or wood tone) and Width (narrow, medium and wide). We also provide a “details” link for each frame where you can view design descriptions, component specifications and a magnified image of the moulding.

We only offer conservation quality matting and mounting. All framed posters and art prints are dry-mounted to foam board to create a professional, gallery-quality presentation. All mat board is made with pristine virgin fibers, is bleed and fade resistant, acid free and lignin free, and alkaline pH buffered. We carry more than 80 versatile mat board colors to meet every framing need. Most importantly, we support your creativity by offering the endless matting options offered by local custom framers. You can choose one or two mats, and you can control the width of your mats. You can even determine the width of the classy inner-color border created by the bottom mat by setting what we refer to as the “Reveal”.

All custom framed posters and prints include a crystal-clear, shatter resistant, acrylic cover. Click on the “GLAZING” tab to upgrade to reflection control or conservation acrylic, or to select a glass option. Please keep in mind that glass is nearly two times heavier than acrylic and is much more susceptible to breakage during shipping.

Never designed custom framed artwork, or just a bit rusty? When working with our custom framing tools, please be sure to click on our framing and matting tips buttons. The tips are repeated below for your convenience.

Framing Tips
  • Choose a frame style or color that coincides with your room décor. Gold, silver, ornate, and dark wood tone frames generally fit best with traditional décor. Simple wood tones and rustic/distressed frames work well with country décor. You can’t beat a sleek black frame when it comes to contemporary décor.

  • When matching the frame color to the artwork color, focus on overall tone vs. specific colors. Match warm artwork tones (earth tones) with warm frames (e.g. bronze, gold and wood tones). Cool artwork tones look best with light wood tones, and bright colors. Be careful not to hide the frame by choosing a color that closely matches the intended wall color.

  • Generally, it’s best to use wide frames for large prints and narrow frames for small prints. However, don’t be afraid to exercise your creativity. For example, a wide frame can create an up-scale look when paired with a small illustration or floral print, and a narrow frame can work well with large, contemporary, abstract artwork.

Matting Tips – Number and Size
  • Consider using one mat to create a clean, contemporary look for abstract fine art prints and artwork that includes its own mat-like border.

  • Use a 2nd mat (“bottom mat”) to create a classy, special effect in the form of a thin inner-color border.

  • We discourage using no mats to reduce cost because matting protects the artwork by preventing it from sticking to the acrylic cover.

  • Wide mat borders make any work of art look more impressive. We suggest using mat borders that are no less than 1.25 times as wide as the selected frame moulding.
Matting Tips - Color
  • Mat colors should not overwhelm the art. Matting should enhance the artwork and set it apart from the frame.

  • Neutral mat colors (e.g. whites, creams and grays) are always a good choice, especially when using one mat. They serve to highlight the artwork and allow a unique frame selection to stand out.

  • Mat colors, including the thin inner-color border created by the bottom mat, can be used to complement a dominant color in the artwork you would like to enhance. For example, use a light-blue mat to complement a darker-blue shade present in the artwork, and vice versa.

  • Mat and frame colors should generally be different. However, when using two mats, the thin inner-color border created by the bottom mat can create a striking effect when it matches the frame color.

  • Use “warm” mat colors (e.g., red, orange, yellow and brown) to enhance warm colors in your artwork; Use “cool” mat colors (e.g. blue, light-green, and lavender) to enhance cool colors in your artwork.

  • Dark mat colors tend to control the artwork and stand out on light colored walls. Conversely, light mat colors amplify the artwork and stand out on dark colored walls.

  • Prevent a single, dark mat from crowding the artwork by creating a light inner-color border with a second (bottom) mat.

Caring for Your Artwork
We recommend the following to help you protect and preserve your posters or prints for years of viewing enjoyment.
  1. Avoid hanging artwork in direct sunlight or areas subject to extreme temperatures or high humidity levels. Exposure to direct sunlight will cause fading, and exposure to temperature changes or humidity may cause warping.

  2. It is always safe to lightly dust artwork, frames and the protective acrylic cover with a soft, dry, lint-free cloth. Electrostatic dust cloths and feather dusters also work well. You can also use a mild, non-abrasive soap solution to clean the protective acrylic cover but avoid using glass cleaners that contain ammonia or alcohol. Never use water, cleaners or solvents of any kind to clean canvas artwork.

  3. When moving or storing artwork, take particular care not to puncture or scratch the canvas or the protective acrylic cover in the case of posters and fine art prints. When carrying artwork, it’s best to hold the artwork by the frame. Be especially careful not to pull or stretch the canvas away from the stretcher bars when you take hold of museum wrapped canvas artwork.

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