Framed Frost, Susan Fine Art Photography

Susan Frost Fine Art Photography

"It is often said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. For me, I see beauty wherever I go – whether it is in a baby’s smile, a dewdrop on a fall leaf, a superbly designed building, a magnificent sculpture or a gorgeous flower. Whatever it is, I seek to put the beauty around me on images for all to enjoy"
-- Susan Frost

Framed Frost, Susan Fine Art Photography

Susan Frost is an accomplished photographer and writer as most recently evidenced by being named the 2013 Travel Photographer of the Year by the Travel Writers Association. Susan is an author and photographic artist for Portland, Oregon: A Photographic Portrait, available on, and Portland bookstores, she is also the author of Blueprint for Marketing. She is a former newspaper columnist for the Daily Journal of Commerce, and her articles and photos have been published in many national publications including The New York Times, World Traveler, AAA and Sunset magazines. Susan graduated from Oregon State University and completed additional graduate courses in marketing and graphic design. She is a member of Professional Photographers of America.

Susan has been intrigued and fascinated with photography since she began shooting photos with her first Brownie camera when she was a child. An avid traveler, she has spent years learning to capture the mood and flavor of the many countries she explores. Her preference is to select subjects which would be desirable for display in commercial venues -- like corporate offices and restaurants. Susan knows that these buyers of fine photography represent on-going opportunities with the means and commitment to support a commercial photographer. Susan believes that becoming too specialized closes the doors to many opportunities. As a result, she has developed her photography skills to include architecture, advertising, portrait, wedding and landscape photography. Spend time touring her picture-laden home in Portland and talking about her career in photography, and you’ll quickly realize that this photographer is not only skilled at her craft but is also an extremely focused business woman and marketer.

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