Bathroom Mirror Size Calculator

This bathroom mirror size calculator will help determine the framed mirror size based on the sizes of the wall and cabinets.


Measuring for a Bathroom Mirror

  1. Begin by measuring the width and height (above the floor) of your base cabinet or vanity. The width should be determined by measuring the distance between the edges of the countertop or if less, the distance between wall sconces that will set inside the edges of the countertop. When determining the height, be certain to measure from the floor to the top of the countertop or backsplash if one is installed.
  2. Next, decide how much space you prefer between your countertop (or top of the backsplash) and the bottom of the mirror. We recommend a miminum of 2-3 inches to create a furniture-quality look for your mirror.
  3. If a light fixture will be installed above the mirror, determine the distance from the countertop or backsplash to the bottom of the light fixture. If applicable, be certain to adjust your measurement to take into account the amount by which you would like your globes to overhang the mirror.
  4. Finally, if no light fixture will rest above the mirror, simply determine your ceiling height and the distance you desire from the ceiling to the top of the mirror. A minimum of three inches between the mirror and ceiling is required when installing large mirrors. For tall ceilings (e.g. > 108 inches) you may want to consider a "tallest person height" when determining your mirror top height and the resulting distance from mirror to ceiling.

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